Thundercats Ho! Remember the days of Cheetara, Lion-O and Tygra? Now you can celebrate the teatime telly treat you enjoyed in your school days by wearing it on your feet, as DC has launched this awesome Converse collection available to buy in women's sizes from Schuh:

Thundercats shoes by Converse


Made in a mix of fiery orange, black and yellow with the Thundercats symbol printed on the inside and Cheetara gracing the outside edge, the shoes lovingly re-create the kids' cartoon from DC; they're hard to resist for anyone who was once (or perhaps, still is) a fan. What's more, they've recently gone into the legenday Schuh sale, which brings their price down to just £25 from an original £50. Bargain! 

As with all Converse products, these low cut plimsolls are made from tough vulcanised rubber sole and distinctive striped toe cap with the All Star logo at the heel. There's also a Thundercats branded tongue and cheetah-like print all over the canvas uppers. Quite a wild mix - and it looks great worn with slouchy, dark denim.