There's only one suitable word to describe these shoes, and yup, I'm going to use the F-word! These purple mega platforms from Topshop are absolutely and unapologetically funky. There - I said it. That wasn't so bad now, was it!? 

Topshop purple suede platform shoes

These ultra-high heels are also available in black or Royal blue, but I think the grape purple is a much more fitting colour for such a high and mighty style. If you're going to go so all-out crazy with a heel of that stature, you might as well wear them in a flamboyant colour, right? 

These are certainly not simple throwback shoes, mind you: the gleaming silver trim on the back heel brings them right up to date, and lends an edge that's crucial for the coming season's sophisticated looks. It's also guaranteed to catch the light as you strut your *ahem* funky stuff...

If you're tempted to spice up your high summer look with a pair of these lofty heels, they'll set you back £60 over at Topshop.