It goes without saying that Brian Atwood's shoes are amazing pieces of fashion candy: loved by the likes of Eva Longoria, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins and countless style icons the world over, these shoes are made to be seen in - and this particular style has been designed to secure maximum attention! Seen from the front, they're your industry-standard, red carpet heels:

Brian Atwood 'Sybill' heels

But I think you really have to view these beauts from the back to get the full measure of their appeal: an elaborate gold-beaded plait detail shines out from the soft black suede, inviting glances to linger! Like many of Atwoods styles, it's a real show-stopper that's designed to command the room:

Brian Atwood 'Sybill' heels from the back

We look forward to seeing them strut on to a red carpet soon!