I recently discovered the joys of owning a pair of completely neutral, pointed heels (tip: they make almost any dress look more polished and edgy at the same time) and am already on the lookout for a replacement pair once my current favourites go the way of all shoes. And I think there's only one detail that could make this look even better: a Mary Jane strap, or better still, two! 

Dune Aibileen double-strap Mary Jane

Dune's 'Aibleen' heels have a double strap that makes the notoriously pinchy pointed-toe style even easier to wear, while adding a subtly retro charm. I also love the colour: the pale caramel look is another fantastic neutral to add to your cream and blush footwear collection, and will particularly come into its own at the start of the A//W season, when browns and golds really come into their own.

This style, which is also available in black, is priced at £79.