Let's get that age-old cliché out the way: any girl that's even laid her eyes on a 30 second clip for Sex and The City wants to be a little something like Miss Carrie Bradshaw. Start watching series after series and perhaps even the first film (I'm not counting the second one, that wasn't fun for anybody) and you become simply addicted. It would seem all this has created somewhat of an influx of every other young fashion or relationship journalist at locker heads fighting to be 'London's answer to Carrie Bradshaw'.

As much as I want to snap up a Fendi baguette or adorn myself in personalised gold bling straight outta Brooklyn, I felt it necessary to release my *get ready for it* inner Miss Bradshaw in a less overdone way - cue the iconic Manolo Blahniks.

Of course, I'm a student and I'm broke so immediately things start to look difficult in obtaining such a luxury item, but in stepped a little thing called determination... i.e. avoiding Wetherspoons like the plague for a month and heading straight over to eBay!

I immediately fell into a shoe-intoxicated lust for a pair of pointed toe, red satin slingbacks that, with a careful eye on my prey, I snapped up in the last few seconds for 90 smackers. That's right people, Manolos for £90. I recently took them for a test drive to the Ritz for afternoon tea paired with a Louise Gray for Topshop sequinned dress and it would seem they've been glued on ever since!

If I can share with you one thing, it's the joy of a Manolo Blahnik-clad foot, so head over here or have a peek at some of the top picks below.


Manolo Blahnik Butterflop Velvet Pumps Heels Size 40>>
Manolo Blahnik Dalmation Printed Ladies Shoes Size 40>>
Manolo Blahnik White/Ivory Satin Shoes Size 37>>
Manolo Blahnik Leopard Print Shoes Size 39.5>>
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