Fendi metallic t-bar shoes

Fendi has been wowing us something silly with its metallic masterpieces this year, and as its A/W 2013 pieces suggest that the shiny look is here to stay at the label, at least for another season. I love the interplay of details here: the honeycomb pointed toes, neatly perforated uppers and green tinted heels make for a strong and statement-making shoe. 

It's well worth checking out this shoe from some alternative angles (click on the image above to see more) as that striking geometric heel is coloured in a variety of iridescent shades. This mix of colours will react to different looks - making the shoes a suitable finish for all kinds of dressed-up looks. Meanwhile, the ultra-slim t-bar strap lends a subtly vintage edge to what is otherwise a defiantly futuristic shoe.