It's Friday (a.k.a. almost playtime) and what better way to get ready than to monkey around with Swedish fashion brand Monki? Not long ago, our fashion-forward sister site, Catwalk Queen shone a light on Monki's humorous identity with their giggle-worthy product descriptions that can entertain for hour upon hour. Well, we've come to find not only are their product descriptions belly laughter providers but so are the products themselves.. in steps (no pun intended) the 'Monki Feet' slippers.

'To look down at one's feet and feel a smile coming on. (No matter how early it is in the morning). These chunky, soft grey slippers will cause a grin or two--who can help but smile, seeing a pair of monki feet plodding around?'

The Monki Feet come in 'monokoni grey' and retail at £15.00 and you can snap them up for yourself or a loved one here.