If you're anything like me you're completely head-over-heels for the one and only Miss Solange, lust longingly over her wardrobe and have seen her play three times already this year.. okay, perhaps I'm a little obsessed.. just a little.

Expectably, her life looks like a constant shoot for Harpers as she swans gracefully from Jamaican holidays to producing bird sound in the studio with the incredible, Dev Hynes (he's basically my Harry Styles).

Solange took the executive decision to torture us with her Prada-packed lifestyle through deliciously cool blog, 'mydamnblog' - it even has a cool name, with that kind of, I'm-an-angel-in-disguise-but-whatever-no-biggy-here's-my-damn-blog feel to it.

The blog tells the story of Solange's style journey through fashion, music and worldly inspirations and boasting her notorious relationships with hip hop's finest, her fierce older sister Beyonce and adorable son, Daniel.

But most importantly, here on Shoewawa, we're all about those dimes on the end of our tootsies and boy, does Solange not disappoint. From gingham bowed point-toes to strappy, reptile sandals, our girls got in covered. Turn bright green with pure shoe envy over at mydamnblog, check her rocking out a NYC laundromat below or take a peep for my personal favourites above.