Tabitha Simmons Iridescent sandalsBUY THEM HERE >>

With London Fashion Week looming ever closer, our tastes are starting to turn from the simple love of flip flops and any other shoe that prevents feet from going into meltdown in the heat - to the more stylish and artful side of the footwear spectrum. And where better to find inspiring, creative shoes than in the studio of eclectic British designer Tabitha Simmons? The style-editor-turned-creator is having a bit of a reflective moment at the moment - in the form of a host of gloriously iridescent materials!

Here, we see her iconic multi-strap sandal rendered in an electrifying blue tone, with an eyecatching holographic thread throughout. Finished off with black piping, laces and the most delicately made miniature buckles we've ever seen, these are sure to be a hit on the dancefloor or red carpet.