Zara Vinyl Wedge Sandal: Ugly Shoe?

Blue: Zara Vinyl Wedge Sandal £59.99, Red: Zara Vinyl Wedge Sandal £59.99

I think it's fair to say we all have at least one pair of fail-safe Zara shoes lined up by the wardrobe; whether it's a strappy, minimalist sandal or leopard print kitten heels. These sandals, boots, flats and heels go with that difficult-to-match printed dress and take us from summer to winter, yes, Zara really are the gods of the fail-safe.

But wait a minute.. what's this? A vinyl wedge sandal? Blue and red vinyl.. with a buckle.. on a thick cork and white coloured wedge that is. Yikes Zara, what happened? I think it's fair to say they took a risk and gave birth to an ugly, ugly shoe.

As a 90s child, I have to admit there is a little something I am drawn to however, I don't know if it's the coloured vinyl, thick-soled flatform or the growing-up-with-a-birkenstock-mum nostalgia but it is somewhat blurring me from hating them altogether. But I know it's wrong, I feel the necessary guilt in any feeling of like towards them.

But of course, you're the boss applesauce and you decide. Will this little wedge be cast off in the ugly crowd?