OK so we all pretty much know the drill with Iron Fist shoes: they're loud, they're brash, and most of us would really only consider wearing them at Halloween. But they do have their fans out there, and I'm wondering what you all think about this new style which is a little different from the brand's usual 'gunk 'n' monsters' offering!

Iron Fist 'Don't Pussyfoot' heels

The 'Don't Pussyfoot' heels (and I think that's a great name for any shoe) feature a snarling leopard, concealed platform and ultra high heel. While most shoes only give you the print, these bad boys serve up the whole animal - complete with whiskers, eyes and razor-sharp teeth. Owners of these shoes will become a 'real man-eater' every time they step into the fearsome footwear! ;)

Priced at £55, they're a great party buy for those who like to walk on the wild side. Their heel and platform combined gives them an impressive 16cm of height (that's a little over SIX inches, for those of us who like to mentally add on that figure to our own natural stature), so you might want to consider carefully if you're a taller lady. Or, indeed, if the idea of locomotion in killer heels gives you the heebie jeebies.

What do you think of Iron Fist's slight change of direction here? Let us know below!