Dakota Fanning
is emerging as one of Hollywood's foremost talents at the moment, and is just about to grace our screens once again in Night Moves; a hard-hitting drama about eco activism. With bleached blonde hair and a short-cut Alexander McQueen dress, the chameleonic actress appeared this weekend at the Venice International Film Festival, where the movie was debuted: 

Dakota Fanning at Night Moves photocall

The pale dress suited Fanning's porcelain skin to perfection, and she chose an exquisite pair of heels to finish off the look: Rupert Sanderson's Elba heels - a style we've seen again and again on the red carpet - proved popular with the actress as it has done on so many occasions. The versatility and gracefulness of the curvy stilettos make for a dramatic entrance and a seamless fit with the chic layered frock. 

The shoes, which are available in a variety of colours and materials for every occasion are available direct from Rupert Sanderson, where they currently retail from £225 upwards, with some editions available to buy from the sale. Going on how many times we've seen these shoes crop up in photocalls, they seem like a guaranteed win for anyone in the market for some classic and stylish high heels! 

[Image: GETTY]