Shoes can be an expensive habit - particularly if you're partial to designer styles and like to let your feet follow all the trends. Today, the amount of money that most UK women spend on footwear in a lifetime has been revealed by a new study - and it's as eye-watering as a pair of too-tight stilettos.

So how much do you think you're like to spend on shoes throughout your life? Read on for the latest figure (and remember this is an average woman they're talking about - not the type of person who splurges as much as some of us do)...

How much do women spend on shoes in a lifetime?

That amount, according to a survey conducted by, is £34,000. That sounds like an awful lot of heels and trainers, but the same study concluded that this amounts to around 13 pairs of shoes per year (which I have to admit does not sound like that much. Hmm!) or an average annual spend of around £570. 

According to the survey, the average woman bought two pairs of boots, costing roughly £160, three pairs of pairs of flats for £60 and three pairs of heels for £135. She will also buy on average two pairs of sandals costing about £100, one pair of flip flops for £10, a pair of trainers for £60 and one pair of pumps for £45. 

The survey did not take into account shoe purchases for special occasions such as weddings where individual costs were likely to be much higher. The final breakdown looks like this;

2 pairs of boots, costing £80 each= £160

3 pairs of flats, £20 each = £60

3 pairs of heels, £45 each = £135

2 pairs of sandals, £50 each= £100

1 Flip flop= £10

Gym trainers= £60

Pumps= £45

So, what do you think about this 'average British woman', and how do her shoe-buying habits correspond to yours?