If you've studied our London Fashion Week footwear galleries over the past few seasons, you'll probably have made one surprising observation: killer heels are pretty thin on the ground - and there's good reason for this: Somerset House's cobblestones and stilettos really do not mix (though it's amusing to see those who've either not got the memo or decided they'll just tough it out anyway each year), so fashionistas have to be a little more creative with their footwear choices.

Earlier in the year at the A/W 2013 event, for example, I noticed that trainers and other sporty styles were becoming hugely popular, and flatforms have been there for a few seasons now. It remains to be seen what will happen outside the big shoes over the next few days, but we'll be sending out our scouts to take as many pics as possible and share the results here on the site.

In the meantime, I've selected some shoes that I wouldn't mind wearing at Somerset House: a shoe for every day of the event, each is as stylish as it is comfortable and suited to standing in long queues, hopping from venue to venue and ferrying me to cocktail bars at the end of a long day! That's what we call great fashion week footwear...

Click on the image above to see them all