Chie Mihara Mary Janes

Chie Mihara is a brand that does Mary Janes particularly well, so its products are always welcome here on our weekly focus on the strapped shoes - particularly at this time of year when it starts to turn out its glorious, autumn/winter collection (and you can see more of the highlights from that incoming range, here). And today, I'm homing in on this beautiful double-strapped pump, which is another super subtle twist on a classic from this highly original brand. 

In particular, I love the shape of the block heels, which is almost cube-like in form, save for the curvy underside that lends heaps of character to shoe. The two straps add an extra dimension while maximising the amount of that gorgeous bronzey-gold, which lends the style its awesome, autumnal charm. Definitely on my hit-list for the new season!