We're used to seeing the likes of Lady Gaga, Helena Bonham-Carter and Katy Perry strutting their stuff in odd shoes. But those shoes are increasingly becoming "odd" in more ways than one, as celebs adopt the mismatched shoe look - wearing a completely different style or colour on each foot. 

Some have labeled the trend "lazy", claiming it looks like the wearer was too distracted to perform the simple task of matching up both shoes. Or perhaps they just couldn't make up their mind what to wear? Others claim it's a big brag and a sign of excess: "look - I've got one of these in every colour!" But some find it fun and quirky - a dig at the arbitrary norms we adhere to in the name of fashion. Who says you can't wear shoes in two different colours after all? 

Click on the image above to see our favourite mismatched celebrity footwear pics!

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