There is simply no excuse for a shoe like this - 70s revival or no, creating a monster like this one and charging innocent people £700 for the privilege of owning it ought to be a criminal offense! 

Ugly 1970s style leopard print shoe

The 'experimental' statement shoes are straight out of Austin Powers, and consist of a calfhair slipper on a matching platform with totally clear sole. The only thing it's lacking is a fish...and that price tag! What's going on there? et's think of all the more fulfilling ways we could spend seven hundred quid.

A decent second-hand car, perhaps? Or how about a lovely new piece of furniture. A once-in-a-lifetime designer handbag? Flights to Las Vegas? A diamond ring? Hell, even ploughing it all into the council tax bill would feel like a better use of that sum. 

Made by Simon Rocha, the mid-heeled courts are available to buy
here if you decide that a pair of perspex-soled leopard print platforms are what has been missing from your life.