Giuseppe Zanotti cream leather cut-out platform wedges

giuseppe-resinwedge.jpg What was Giuseppe Zanotti thinking when they released these platform wedges? The Spice Girl look is so 1990s and even though they made a comeback, the shoes they wore definitely should not. The 5 3/5" wedge is made out of wood and hard resin with cut out detail - though it looks more like a giant hole. It's a shame that the wedge is such a distracting feature, these sandals would be rather chic thanks to the stitched leather and sleek buckle detail. While BlueFly have marked these shoes down by 20%, $600 is definitely asking a little too much for these shoes that you can't quite wear everywhere.

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Ugly Shoe of the Week

bohemian-_rhapsody.jpgLaces. Fringes. Faux fur. Black. Red. Suede. Moccassins. It's all just a wee bit too much for one boot, isn't it? I'm guessing Office's Bohemian Rhapsody knee boots are probably very comfortable, warm and practical for winter, but I'm also guessing I'll never find out for sure on account of the fact that, well, they're ugly. And on account of the fact that I'm just too lazy to be bothered with lacing them up every time I wanted to wear them.

If you disagree, however, and think these are worth every penny of the £90 they cost, you can buy yourself a pair here.

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Ugly Shoe of the Week

_5694158.jpgI don't think there's much commentary needed from me on this one, is there? It's a rubber soled "clog" (that's how the Nordstrom website describes it, anyway), with two different types of animal print on it. And it looks a little bit like a slipper. A men's slipper. Enough said, methinks...

If you disagree, and want to buy these for yourself, they're by Romika, and you'll find them at Nordstrom, where they're $124.

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Miss L-Fire Sheepskin Ankle Boots


It's an UGG! It's a hiking boot! It's a slipper! It doesn't know what it is and frankly, neither do I. The sheepskin lining *does* look super snug and I know my tootsies wouldn't say no to that kind of comfort come winter, but at what expense? Green laces and a furry suede tongue? Err...

They're not my cup of tea thanks love, but I can imagine they could look quite passable on a model-esque type paired with some skinny minnie jeans. Or would they ever look passable? For £110, I'm not really willing to find out. From ASOS.

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Ugly Shoe of the Week: Michael Kors 'Slicker' lace-up rubber boots

NMX094N_mn.jpgWhy, Michael Kors? Why? And yes, I know "practicality" is going to be cited as the number one reason someone would wear these boots (could there be another reason, I wonder?) but practical or not (and the height of the heel would suggest "not"), does it have to be so ugly? Not only is it ugly, it's $295 of ugly, which seems a lot to pay for something that looks like this. Is there no way shoe designers can come up with a cold/wet weather shoe design that doesn't make you cringe to look at it? I'm starting to think the answer is "no", but if you can see no problem with these boots, and, in fact, want them for your own, you can buy a pair at Neiman Marcus.

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Ugly Shoe of the Week: 'Leora' suede and long hair booties by Sergio Rossi - as seen on Solange Knowles

solange-sergio-rossi.jpgSorry Solange Knowles - you looked fabulous at TRL in New Tork city this week, but your Sergio Rossi long hair booties have still earned their place as our Ugly Shoe of the Week, because ... well, do I really need to explain why? Personally, it's long been my belief that hair belongs on the head - or, if you're a shire horse, around the feet. Funnily enough, a shire horse is more or less what these boots remind me off, with the hairy trim helping to create the illusion of some thick fetlocks around the wearers ankles. It's not a look I love, but if you want to make like Solange and buy a pair of these for yourself, they're $910 and can be bought direct from Sergio Rossi.

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Helena Bonham Carter's crazy shoe antics help her shop

helenabonham_crazyshoes.jpgWhile I usually applaud Helena Bonham Carter and her crazy eccentric style (frankly, anyone who can wrap a sheet around themselves and just not give a sh*t has to be appreciated) but these shoes take the cake.

This week, the actress stepped out in what can only be described as black clogs with suction cups for heels, while shopping in Notting Hill.

Add to the mix stripy socks, a bright pink skirt, a black velvet jacket, green-rimmed glasses, and a pearl necklace (what else?) and you have one truly original lady right there.

God bless you HBC - please don't ever change!

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